Intermediate Backlink SEO Package



The SEO Intermediate Package is for website owners with their home page & service pages built. Your website should be older than 60 days old, and you already have citations and some links.

We first want to start with a press release to your home page & primary service pages. Next, we want to follow up the original release with another supporting the other secondary service pages boosting overall site authority.

(If only 1 service is in one location, we will link to other pages on the site.)
Next, to assist in the boost of power, we need to keep the site safe while increasing overall authority. To do this, we will build 50 branded authority tier 1  websites detailing your business information and linking to all relevant top-level pages. These branded tier 1  websites act as a buffer layer to the 1,200 unique referring domains from Google News-approved websites.

The goal is to keep the website 100% safe while driving massive amounts of link juice to the primary pages. 

Then as the cherry on top to maximize your ranking boost, you will pick 1-4 pages to build 20 DR 30+ backlinks to contain the safest anchor text. The main objective of The Booster Package is to drive link juice and power to the homepage and primary location or service pages. While remaining safe.

  • X2 Press Release Distribution – 400 Branded Posts 
  • 50  – Branded Authority Web 2 .0 Buffer Sites 
  • 1,200 Unique Google News Links to Tier 1
  • 20  – DR30+ Links 


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